45 Adapters – Now Or Never

Pirates Press Records


Sure, I can imagine it’s perhaps not possible to release a “Collected Works” every three or so years (though there’s definitely enough material for a second volume by now), but has it really been four years since the last 45 Adapters record – the “They Call It Justice” EP – was released? I didn’t even realize this until I was writing this paragraph, but I sure as hell missed these guys – a feeling strongly emphasized by the band’s latest work – the “Now Or Never” 12” for Pirates Press Records!


Now we already got a taste of things to come when the band released the tracks “Now Or Never” and “Friendship” on – respectively – the “For Family And Flag” and “Oi! This Is Streetpunk – 2020” compilations. Obviously in hindsight, because at the time I didn’t realize they would be featured on a regular release, at least not this fast! But luckily “Now Or Never” is here and it’s amazing!


Not just the music (though more on that later), but just look at that image on the left – this record is a knock-out! Yes, I know Pirates Press Records released records with the same UV digital print technique before (Noi!se, The Drowns, Charger and Old Firm Casuals) but let’s be honest here – it never looked so good! The sick artwork by Yauhen ABU Zavadski printed on extremely ultra-clear vinyl simply looks amazing and is undoubtedly one of the coolest records I have ever seen. Pressed well, play heavily!


And the latter is what you most definitely will do, because holy shit does this record sound good! As infectious, anthemic, soulful and dance-able as ever, the 45 Adapters rouse through the six tracks this record is rich like there’s no tomorrow – now or never indeed – doubtlessly delivering their best work to date! The aforementioned title-track “Now Or Never” and “Friendship”, but also the previously unreleased “Ready Blood”, “Let’s Play”, “Shabby” and “Broken Men”, are here to make sure you’ll hear these New York Metropolitans hit homerun after homerun! Especially the latter is a heartfelt and recognizable, but oh-so-catchy anthem, but overall “Now Or Never” is pure brilliancy from start to finish!


Pickabar and his 45 Adapters never disappoint and they certainly don’t this time around! So get this, the sound’s massive and Pirates Press Records pressed to impress – making it an absolute no-brainer for all 45 Adapters fans and Oi! fanatics around the globe!