Abuse – Process Of Stupidity

Primator Crew / Pock Records


Four long years after Abuse’s self-titled debut EP, the all-star formation from Rennes, France is back! This time around the band, featuring members of The Headliners, DEATHxSQUAD, The Decline and more, managed to record a full-length in the stupidity of it all, which is out now through Primator Crew and Poch Records!


Entitled “Process Of Stupidity”, the French unleash thirteen punk rock scorchers in the vein of bands such as Rotten Mind, The Dahmers, Generacion Suicida and last, though certainly not least – the mighty The Vicious! Heavily influenced by the latter, Abuse delivers a fast-paced, highly energetic album stuffed with gloom melodies and killer hooks any fan of any of the aforementioned bands will love – I know I do!


Leaving bloodstains across Bretagne, the band rips through crazy good tracks like “Hold The Reins”, “Frienemies”, “Damaged”, “Survival Of The Laziest”, “Express Rhinoplasty”, title-track “Process Of Stupidity” and “Hopeless To Madness” that just keep on tasting like more! Needless to say that you’ll just keep on flippin’ this record filled with ultra-catchy melancholy over and over again and there’s definitely no stupidity in that! Maybe some annoyance towards your neighbors or roommates, but that’s it.


With all of the artwork and the design in black and white and the LP only being available on black vinyl, the labels did nothing fancy to the 500 copies made. But sometimes that just isn’t necessary, like now. Killer!