Alliance - S/T EP

Rebellion Records


With bands like Out Of Order, Buddha Bulldozer, Scab Coma, the magnificent True Grit and of course Bishops Green it is, once again, storming over Canada! Formed last year, Alliance out of Southwestern Ontario is a new face to the Canadian scene, but they already bring a thunderous sound with their self-titled debut 7” for Rebellion Records!


Originally released as a three-track demo online earlier this year, the deal to release these songs as an EP was sealed at this year’s Midwest Live & Loud festival and let me tell you, that was a smart move. Not only did the songs already impressed when they were in their ‘demo-form’, but now that they’re mastered for a vinyl release they literally explode out of the speakers, instantly making Alliance one of my new favorite (Canadian) Oi! bands!


Alliance’s originals, “Pride” and “Wrong Crowd”, on the A-side, are two ‘chest and chin up – fists in the air’ powerhouses, packed with an incredible punch. While the Retaliator cover “Sarah”, that is already amazing in its original form, on the B-side is the cherry on top of this hard-hitter, making it an absolute must-hear for anyone who likes their music intense and incredibly powerful! A banging debut EP of a band I hope to hear much more from!