American Eagle - S/T Demo

United Riot Records


I assume most of you know American Eagle from their contribution, “American Oi!”, to the Link Records compilation “Pop Oi!”, recorded during the band’s one, and I believe only, demo session. For some reason the other four songs never got an ‘official’ release, until now! Because after nearly 26 years United Riot Records took the honors to completely re-master these demo tracks and release it on both MCD and 12”!


Listening to these five songs, although “The Eagles Flight” is an instrumental intro, makes you wonder why these tracks never were released before! Due to the re-mastering American Eagle’s demo most likely sounds better than it did two and a half decades ago, but still, every song on here is as solid as a rock!


Though the band’s anthem is “American Oi!”, one could say these demo recordings are more on the hardcore of the fence , sounding quite similar to other bands from the same city and era such as Warzone, Cro Mags, Youth Defense League and Sick Society. I personally love this sound and to me that is what ‘American Oi!’ is to begin with, although the fast-paced action mixed with that ‘groovy’ hardcore sound in songs like “My Life” and “United Forever” might be too ‘crossover’ for some.


That is just a matter of taste though, because United Riot Records delivered a great piece of American skinhead history with this one and treated these recordings with respect. The re-mastering sounds great at 45RPM, the limited vinyl, the laminated sleeve with the amazing artwork of Muna on the front and the classic design of the back of the sleeve and the lyric sheet make this an absolute must-have for both the old and new school!