Antisocial Skinhead Club – S/T

Antisocial Skinhead Records


What do you get when (ex-)members of German Oi! and punk outfits such as Schusterjungs, Buzz Off and Sorry No! team up and form a new band? Exactly what the name of this new outfit suggests, an Antisocial Skinhead Club! The quintet just released their self-titled debut album on both CD and LP through their own Antisocial Skinhead Records, so time for a quick review!


With thirteen tracks and a total playtime that clocks just over 45 minutes, Antisocial Skinhead Club’s debut is a hefty one. Personally I would have chosen to unleash two to three tracks less, but I can also understand that once you recorded all available tracks and you are satisfied with the result, you want to get all of these recordings out as soon as possible – especially when you financed and released everything yourself! Which is exactly what these lads did.


And satisfied is what they can be. Musically Antisocial Skinhead Club is very old school, raw and mean with an 80’s sound and ditto attitude of not really giving a fuck. Therefor the Germans don’t hesitate to cover songs by the likes of Vengeance and Brutal Combat – respectively “Pride And/Of Pain” and “Skinhead” - though with their own, altered lyrics. Sung in both German and English, those lyrics deal with pretty much anything skinhead and its way of life. Nothing new of course, but old school indeed – just the way we like it!


So if you’re up for some no-nonsense, loud and proud Oi! - then join the Antisocial Skinhead Club today. 300 ‘memberships’ are available on either CD or black vinyl, so take your pick and crank up the volume!