Asedio – S/T

Mendeku Diskak


Although the debut release of Catalonia’s Asedio has catalog number 008, it is actually Mendeku Diskak’s third release that is, well… actually released. Prior to this mini-LP, the split 12” between Orreaga 778 and Grebol, and the European pressing of Cinderblock’s debut LP were released. Both killer albums, so you know that the bar is raised high by this young, new label.


Fortunately Asedio can definitely live up to the expectations on their first ever release. Containing a total of eight songs, all sung in the band’s native tongue, the Catalans put in the boot with a hard hitting mix of Oi! and (street)rock that gives them a vicious, heavy sound that fans from Oi!’s harder side will love! Raw… violent… mean…, topped with a heavy bass, shredding guitars and boisterous sing-alongs, Asedio delivers a strong debut that fans from other Catalonian and Spanish outfits such as Reconquesta, Strike Back, Revolte and Codi De Silenci need to check out. Possibly today.


In a short period of time, both Asedio and Mendeku Diskak have proven themselves to be excellent additions to both their national and the international Oi! scene and I can’t wait to see what the future will hold for the band and their label. But until we find out, I am going to give this Asedio 12” another spin!