Asedío - …Y Rodarán Cabezas

Mendeku Diskak


For a band who only formed ‘back’ in 2017, Barcelona’s Asedío is rather productive! After debuting in that very same year with a self-titled debut 12” (Mendeku Diskak), 2018 really seems to be the year for the Catalonians. Because besides a smashing split EP with Facҫão Opposta (Combate Brutal) – which was reviewed on here a week or two ago – the boys from southern Europe simultaneously released their first full-length for Mendeku Diskak – “…Y Rodarán Cabezas”!


On “…Y Rodarán Cabezas”, Asedío drops ten, relatively short, yet hard-hitting scorchers. Clocking in at an average of around two minutes per track, Asedío stripped their songs of all that was irrelevant or unnecessary, leaving nothing but pure impact on this slab of wax! Sure, some songs could have been stretched out a bit longer, but it is what it is – and it is good!


With raw, raspy lead-vocals, threatening back-up vocals, killer guitars and a simple, stomping rhythm section, Asedío delivers that powerful, hard rockin’ sound that I personally love. Completely sung in the band’s native tongue, songs like “Asfixia”, “Chernobyl”, “Campo De Batalla”, “Tokottai”, “Muerta Blanca” and “Frío Norte” rip it up from start to finish, making this a must for those who like their Oi! rock ‘n exotic!


Topped off by the sick (as always) artwork by Nick(xtacm), “…Y Rodarán Cabezas” comes on regular black vinyl (400 copies) and in a limited edition of 100 copies on clear, light green vinyl and a brute extra add-on jacket! Nice!