B Squadron - Saturday's Soldiers

Rebellion Records


Leicester’s B Squadron are a brand new British Oi! outfit, but before we can really get to know them they already announced to split up! A goddamn shame if you ask me, because on their first, and therefor only EP “Saturday’s Soldiers”, this mob of skins and casuals delivers a very promising sound that takes you straight back to the 80’s!


First band that comes to mind while listening to B Squadron’s debut EP is without a doubt early Combat 84. Leicester’s own brings you the same type of vicious, mid-tempo, in your face Oi! music while speaking their mind about topics such as (football) violence (“Saturday’s Soldiers”) and their disgust for people living of the state without even attempting on finding a job (“Scratchcard Nation”). It’s all very raw and gritty, but listening to B Squadron you really feel these guys don’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk as well, making it a real and pure release that is banging from start to finish!


Luckily enough the band agreed on recording two more songs for an album in Rebellion Records’ “Oi! Ain’t Dead” series (along with Last Crusade, Crown Court and Top Dog), making sure this band will go out with a bang! Although I’d rather had a few more B Squadron releases like this violent and smashing debut EP!