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B-Squadron – Sons Of Tigers

Rebellion Records


With bands like Brassknuckle, Top Dog and B-Squadron, Rebellion Records really has a nice set of bands who revive  that classic, violent sound of early 80’s British Oi! Oi! music. The latter being my favorite of the pack, the anticipation for something new by the Leicester boys, their first and only release – the “Saturday’s Soldiers” EP – dates back to 2015 after all, was high. Extremely high actually. But with “Sons Of Tigers”, the band’s full-length debut, the wait is finally over and fuck, it was well worth it!


With covers by the mighty 4-Skins (“Evil”), Combat 84 (“Rapist”) and guest vocals by The Glory’s Timmo (“Day By Day”), B-Squadron’s inspirers are anything but a secret. Even if these covers weren’t included on “Sons Of Tigers”, it would have been abundantly clear that the mentioned bands had a major influence on the squadron’s sound in every single way. Not just the music, but also the lyrics, the raw, vicious recordings and an uncompromising attitude all participate in that old school, tough as nails sound that B-Squadron created. It’s as real and as authentic as it can get and I am fuckin’ loving it!


B-Squadron is not for the faint of heart. This is prideful, brutal noise for skinheads, hooligans, street brawlers and maniacs! From the re-recorded “B-Squadron”, “Scratchcard Nation”, “Means Of Escape” and “Saturday Soldiers” to the brand new “Mongoose Patrol”, “Keep The Cover” (though this one appeared online in 2016 already), “This Is England”, “Working Class Heroes”, “Sons Of Tigers” and the aforementioned “Day To Day” (plus cover songs) – it doesn’t get rougher and rowdier than this! These lads captured the sound of Britain’s glory days with perfection and if some jokester would have told you these were some long lost recordings for Secret, Link or Oi! Records you would have fell for it, 100%.


Obviously this is a compliment and no suggestion that B-Squadron sounds outdated. Anything but, because “Sons Of Tigers” is everything I hoped it would be. Raw and uncompromising, authentic and violent, real and tough as nails Oi! Oi! music that the chosen few will love! These are our means of escape and B-Squadron is on the frontline, killing it like no other! Blinding!

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