BACKFIRE! - Where We Belong

Strength Records


When I was in my early teens my parents owned a, sort of, vacation home (more like a trailer) in the south of The Netherlands. As every other teenager I was starting to develop a rebellious attitude, so from a  certain age and up I obviously started to hate going there. That was until I discovered the local Ear & Eye record store and their selection of punk and hardcore music, mainly stocked with releases from German  label Lost & Found Records.

Through their selection and one of my first purchases there, the “European Hardcore – The Way It Is” compilation, I got to know a lot of great bands from my own country, like Tech 9, Violation Of Trust,  Discipline, Right Direction and of course BACKFIRE!. After all these years the latter one are still dedicated to making absolute furious and honest hardcore music to this date and their latest achievement, the “Where We Belong” 12” mini-LP, is about to hit the streets through Strength Records!

If you are familiar with BACKFIRE! you know what you can expect from these M-town rebels, because it’s not like they’re trying to invent the wheel over and over again. But what they deliver is so... fuckin’... good(!), that you don’t want them to! You just want your BACKFIRE! release to be crude, filled with extreme rage and that it wears its heart on its sleeve and that is exactly what you can expect from the seven new tracks on “Where We Belong”!


When I have to mention my favorite hardcore bands, I usually wind up saying Warzone, Slapshot, Agnostic Front, Sheer Terror and Madball, but BACKFIRE! should definitely not be forgotten! These guys been through good and bad for over 20 years already, but they continue to do what they do best, making earth shattering, honest hardcore! And with “Where We Belong” they just added another banger to their discography!