Bad Assets - On Trial

East Grand Record Company


Since 2009 Bad Assets have been bringing ‘the spirit of Detroit’ to your homes and local venues. With a demo, a full-length, two split EP’s and two four-way split EP’s under their belts, this Midwest Oi! machine built up a nice back-catalog of killer releases in a relatively short amount of time. Through their split EP’s with 1592 and Best Idea Ever!, Bad Assets seem to have found a new home at East Grand Record Company who are about to release the band’s brand new full-length album “On Trial”!


On previous releases Bad Assets has always sound like how you want a band from Detroit to sound. Angry, vicious and dangerous, just like the city streets this quintet grew up in and still face until this very day. “On Trial” isn’t any different from that, Bad Assets comes out swinging on their follow-up to 2012’s album “The Spirit Of Detroit” leaving a trail of destruction. Definitely the band’s best work to date and the tag-team of powerful, gritty songs and a strong production is sure to knock a few of you out cold!


Tough, brick wall Oi! is the sound and rough, everyday life is the message on songs like “Weekend Offender”, “Broken”, “Fuck You, I Quit”, “Match Day” and “Out On The Streets”. Supported through guest appearances by Lars Frederiksen (Rancid, Old Firm Casuals) on the title-track “On Trial” and by fellow Detroiter Jason Navarro (The Suicide Machines, fuckin’ loved their “Destruction By Definition” album when it came out when I was 16!) on “Motor City Violence”, Bad Assets’ latest sure will get some extra attention.


Something that is well deserved, because these guys work hard, but play harder! If this was a real trial I'd find the defendant guilty of recording and releasing yet another brutal album and sentence them to release this on vinyl very soon! Because it’s, unfortunately, just out on CD at the moment.