Bagarre – Demo

Thrashzone Tapes


Bagarre is a brand new band out of Lille, France who just released their debut demo on Thrashzone Tapes. With only 50 copies of this cassette duplicated, and evenly divided between both the label and the band, these tapes sold out faster than the actual running-time of it! That’s right, Bagarre is fast, loud and furious!


Banging out four barbaric tracks in just under seven and a half minutes, the French deliver their 80’s style hardcore with rapid speed – the way it should be! With its raw and crude sound, Bagarre really captures the spirit of decades ago – stomping the tracks “Vengeance”, “Condamné”, “Sang” and “Marche Ou Crève” with style!


While the song-titles translate into “Revenge”, “Condemned”, “Blood” and “Sink Or Swim”, Bagarre means Fight in French  and that is exactly what it is – fight music! So if you got a few minutes to spare and you like your hardcore old school, you definitely want to check this outfit out!


As I wrote earlier in my review, physical copies are sold out at the moment – but I wouldn’t rule out a second run. For now you can only listen to it only though, so you know.