Bart And The Brats – Dogged

Chickpea Records


I don’t know who the Brats are, but Bart is certainly no stranger to this page. Unleashing all that is loud, snotty and cool with the likes of the Wild Zeros, The Pneumonias, Teenage Hearts, The Janitors and mucho more, Mean B and his bands have been featured more than once on here – and for good reasons! Therefor we can’t stay behind on the man’s latest solo-project Bart And The Brats, with whom he just released his debut album “Dogged” for New York City’s Chickpea Records!


Released on cassette and 10” vinyl, Bart rouses through the twelve tracks like there’s no tomorrow! Delivering a wild and raucous mix of raw garage punk, quick and catchy ‘77 rockers, instrumental scorchers and an exquisite choice of covers (“I Don’t Wanna See You Again”, originally by The Undertones and “Bugger Off”, originally by Blitzkrieg Bop), Bart is doing on “Dogged” what he always does and that is – as already stated above – be loud, snotty and fuckin’ cool!


And it’s not just the music that has this street rockin’ swag to it, the simple (but funny) cover, that low-budget black and white sleeve and the hand-stamped white labels (of the vinyl edition obviously) all add up, making this a neat (neat neat) little record all the way through! From opener “The First Man” to tracks like “(You’re A) Time-Waster”, “Try Harder”, “Growing Old With You” and “Good Enough”, “Dogged” is a rockin’ and a roaring and an absolute must for fans (of any) of Bart’s other bands!


So if you are, don’t be a time-waster and secure yourself a copy of “Dogged” today! 300 copies were made of the vinyl version and I can’t imagine that the cassette (that has the same tracks on it, but in a different order) has a higher – or even an equal – amount duplicated! Love it!