Bart And The Brats – Livin’ In The Future

Take The City Records


Only a couple of months after Bart And The Brats’ rousing debut 10” “Dogged”, Bart De Vraantrijk’s one man escapade is back for another round of loud and gnarly punk rock! This time in the form of the “Livin’ In The Future” 45, a three track scorcher for Take The City Records!


Known for his work with bands like The Janitors, Wild Zeros, Teenage Hearts, The Skeptics and what band not, you already know what you’re going to get. Because despite that each band has its own style, they all show some great resemblances as well – making it easy to love every band that Bart is in. Especially this solo-project has it all – it’s raw, rowdy and filled with garage and punk-rock thrills, resulting in yet another kick-ass slice of vinyl!


Because not just the title-track is wild, the records’ flipside with “Cheap Shots” and “Check And Mate” is something else as well! Bart managed to deliver a crackin’ trio of ripping tunes once again, making you want to flip this little 7” over and over again! And if you don’t own a turntable this might just be your lucky day, because the 10”, this 7” and more unreleased material is now available on one compilation CD as well!


So no more excuses and get into this if you like any – or a combination – of the aforementioned bands – I know you do! Limited to 300 copies!