Bent Out Of Shape – Who Laughs Last

Demons Run Amok Entertainment

It only feels like a couple of months ago since Dutch Frisian outfit Bent Out Of Shape – aka B.O.O.S. – debuted with 2020’s demo. As a matter of fact, it only has been a couple of months since these lads self-released their very first demo CD! Now, less than half a year later, the band already recorded and released their debut EP, “Who Laughs Last”, through Demons Run Amok Entertainment! Sometimes life is just too easy.

Obviously it will help when your band consists out of (ex-)members of Spirit 84, No Denial, The Dead Scenestars, Icepick and more, but also because Bent Out Of Shape’s demo was a very good release to begin with. And this EP? This EP is even better!

With four tracks total, the boys from the North rip it up on their debut EP from start to finish! Starting off strong with title-track “Who Laughs Last”, the fierce opening and the anthemic chorus instantly reminds me of Bishops Green (or any other post-Bishops Green band for that matter), which is funny – because I don’t hear that back on any of the other tracks. With that being said, all those other tracks – “Paying Tribute”, “Lost In The System” and “In Fryslan”, kill it nonetheless with their powerful sound, strong melodies and massive sing-alongs – just the way I like it!

As a bonus, the band is selling copies with a limited edition, hand-numbered sleeve (84 copies) that was planned to be used for a record release show. Obviously that show isn’t going to happen anytime soon, so the band decided to add the sleeve in question to their own copies and they look (100% Red Alert worship) and feel (very thick paper) great! Awesome!