Blindside USA - Wave Of Regret

Straight & Alert Records


Earlier this year KC’s Blindside USA already impressed with their 2014 demo cassette, but in my review I was wondering if they could keep my attention with a whole full-length album. Well, with “Wave Of Regret” that is not something I have to worry about just yet, for the simple reason that it’s an EP… a slamming EP that is!


With “Wave Of Regret” clocking well under ten minutes, this Missouri four-piece rages through the six new tracks that are on their vinyl debut! Like the demo, Blindside USA continues their crusade and preference for raw, violent New York Hardcore from the 80’s with a twist of 00’s Boston hardcore to it. As said, the demo was impressive already, but with this 7” these guys definitely take it to the next level taking all my doubts for a possible full-length in the future away!


Especially the A-side with its three short and powerful outbursts of under 1:30 each is absolute killer! “Watch You Drop”, “Can’t Stand” and possibly my favorite track of the whole record “Not Punk”, are dropping through my speakers like a-bombs, leaving nothing but a wasteland behind! This might sound like I’m doing the B-side short, but don’t get me wrong, because packed with fury and roaring guitars the three remaining tracks, “Chained Relief”, “Blind” and the title-track “Wave Of Regret, absolutely rip as well!


Fans of Breakdown, Agnostic Front and Righteous Jams, pick this slab of wax up!