Blitzed – Lepiej Nie Będzie

Bad Look Records


Now you can’t tell by their name(...), but Warsaw’s Blitzed was actually formed in 2013 to act as a tribute-band to the mighty Blitz themselves. Despite this initial idea, more and more songs of their own were written and performed - making the urge to record and release these tracks inevitable. And now, six years after its formation, the band finally released its debut with full-length “Lepiej Nie Będzie” for Bad Look Records!


Though there certainly are some musical resemblances to early Blitz, Blitzed’s sound isn’t a direct copy of the band they once tried to be. Fully charged, the Polish punks crank out one fast, heavily bass driven’ streetpunk attack after another and they do this for ten tracks total. Mainly in their native tongue, though the spare English tracks – namely “When Johnny Comes Marching Home” (a cover), “Forever Punx & Skins” and “We Are The Boys” (originally by Blitz, blood is thicker than water after all...) – are a welcoming break in it all.


Not that I dislike Oi! and punk in Polish (far from it actually) – especially when it is delivered with gruff, angry vocals like front man Andrus has – but it’s just nice to recognize a few words once in a while (which, for me, is much easier with bands who sing in German, French, Swedish or Spanish for example). In the end all is good though, because along with the above, Blitzed also brings some nice melodies and massive back-up vocals to the table, making sure other tracks like “Dzien Dobry Do Widzenia”, “Rebelianci”, “Skinheads” and “Nigdy Nie Będziesz Pil Sam” are easily to enjoy as well!


If you like your punk boisterous, with a healthy dose of Oi! influences and you don’t mind not understanding over half of what’s being sung – Blitzed debut album “Lepiej Nie Będzie” might just be your cup of tea! CD only!