Boots-N-Booze Graphic Novel Anthology Volume 2 w/ The Liquidators – Long Time Again b/w Soul Steppin’

Pirates Press Records


A good long year after the first volume of the “Boots-N-Booze” graphic novel, Santa Cruz’s proper skins are at it again with an all new volume of incredible and hilarious tales, loosely based on true stories from decades ago! And just like with the first issue, this second volume also includes an accompanying soundtrack – provided by Pirates Press Records - in the form The Liquidators’ “Long Time Again b/w Soul Steppin’” 45!


Now every group of friends has some crazy, funny or violent stories to tell, but often they can be relatively short and if you weren’t there you can only imagine what (really) happened. But if you visualize those stories, they can turn into a great and fun read that is easy to the eyes and that is exactly what the “Boots-N-Booze” series is about! Made by a group of friends that either wrote, illustrated or both wrote and illustrated these stories, they’re also the ones who lived and experienced these stories, making it autobiographical and a rather original approach on delivering a skinhead “magazine”. And just like the previous volume, this new outing is a good read, looks great overall and you’ll be finished before you know it!


As said, the graphic novel is accompanied by a 7” and this time around it’s by The Liquidators, a ska/rocksteady outfit out of Santa Cruz who released one LP back in 1990 titled “Black And White Pictures” for Unicorn Records. The two tracks featured on this 45 – namely “Long Time Again” and “Soul Steppin’” – are both taken from that very same LP so you won’t find anything new here, but the 7” sounds great nonetheless.


So despite the fact that the songs aren’t as ‘exclusive’ as they were on the 7” of the first volume, the novel is once again top notch and an absolute must for fans of the previous read!