Brassknuckle - Skinhead 82

Rebellion Records


With releases by B Squadron, Jack The Lad, Top Dog and Hostile Minds, Rebellion Records already stomped out a fair share of rough and ready, British Oi! bands recently. And just when the label announced they’d lay low on signing brand new bands, Edinburgh skinheads Brassknuckle stormed in, booting down the door with their debut CD “Skinhead 82”!


Delivering over a dozen of raw and gritty anthems, the term “no mess, no fuss, just pure impact!” is becoming relevant again. This ain’t pretty, nor perfect, but it’s rough, authentic and in your face skinhead music! The old guard of bands such as The Last Resort, 4 Skins and Condemned 84 come to mind while listening to Brassknuckle’s “Skinhead 82”. Perhaps not directly in sound, but certainly in spirit, as this album just breaths Britain's 80's through and through.


So if you’re looking for that tried and true, spirit of the streets that is rough around the edges, but not a farce, than Brassknuckle is definitely your cup of tea. Song-titles like “Junkie”, “Lies”, “Proud”, “We Had An Empire”, “Skinhead 82”, “Politics” and “Your Boots Have Gone” pretty much speak for themselves, obviously revealing a certain lack of originality in its lyrical content, but the lads from Edinburgh manage to hold their own and release a proper fuckin’ debut album! ‘Av it!