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Brassknuckle Boys - Five On One

Oi! The Boat Records


It has been a while since we last got a Brassknuckle Boys LP, hell - it has even been a while since we last got an EP by this killer band! Six years to be more precise, when these American bastards released their last feat of arms in the form of the “Sinequan Dreams” EP for Contra Records. That’s a long time really, but fortunately the Kentucky boys are still well alive, proven by the recently released “Five On One” EP on Oi! The Boat Records!


As the years fade, time can’t seem to get a hold on the Brassknuckle Boys though. Because on “Five On One” the band still do what they do best - playing loud, raucous street rock ‘n’ roll anthems with Mark Dacey’s significant, whiskey fueled throat violently rasping over them! Especially title-track “Five On One” - which clocks well over four minutes - is an absolute scorcher with those killer lyrics and ditto melodies, easily fighting its way into my (imaginary) top ten of favorite Brassknuckle Boys songs.


Another track that stands out on this little record is a cover version of Trent Reznor’s “Hurt”. Obviously much shorter than Nine Inch Nails’ original from 1994 and far less melancholic than the late Johnny Cash’s take on this track - which appeared on 2002’s “American IV: The Man Comes Around” - the Brassknuckle Boys’ still managed to squeeze out a fairly brilliant version of this impressive song. Love it!


Released on both black and white vinyl, “Five On One” is limited to just 300 copies total. So if you haven’t picked up these all new songs about fighting up yet - now is the time! Now let’s hope it doesn’t take the boys another six years on their next EP... killer as always!

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