Bricktop - Three Letter Kings

Randale Records

I haven’t seen a new CD-single, complete with the slim case, in a very long time. But it seems like Randale Records is re-introducing this ‘maxi-single’ back into the market, because right after the recent Crashed Out release “20 Years”, the southern Germans released another one. This time by US’ premier thug rock outfit Bricktop and brand new disc “Three Letter Kings”!

Despite the title “Three Letter Kings”, the key-number of this release is without a doubt the number five. Bricktop consists of five members and got five guest musicians / DMS family members that are representing on this compact-disc. Not convinced yet? Bricktop presents five, brand new and thugged out, stompers on “Three Letter Kings” and to top it off, it’s their first new release in two years! Two plus three is? Exactly…

On “Three Letter Kings” Bricktop Brent & Co. get vocal support from Big Truth, Ruben Lipkind, Johnny Rioux, Roger Miret and Puerto Rican Myke, making it a true, ‘black ‘n’ blue’, family album. This never gets boring and the Arizona chopperheads sound as loud and as tough as ever, though The Kinks’ cover of “I’m Not Like Everybody Else” is a pleasant and unexpected surprise, nice!

If you liked Bricktop’s previous releases, you will love “Three Letter Kings”! These guys were ‘born to brawl’ and they’re not planning on giving up any time soon. 18 minutes of thug rock for you to chew on, if you’re tough enough that is!