Bricktop / Death March - Split EP

Randale Records / Durty Mick Records

One of the latest split EP’s on Randale Records and Durty Mick Records is the bout between Arizona’s Bricktop and California’s Death March. An EP I was really looking forward too, mostly because of Bricktop’s side, assuming it would contain brand new tracks. It does though, but only on the Death March side....

Both Bricktop songs are also featured on the “Three Letter Kings” CD-single that has been released by Randale around the same time. Although I don’t expect the vinyl fetishists will have these songs on that format yet, it’s a shame for those who do already have the CD and were expecting something new on this white slab of wax. I assume ‘Record Store Day’ is to blame here as the original release of this EP was set for early 2015 (causing a massive delay on orders from small and independent labels). Therefor I won’t make a big deal out of it, simply because “Prison’s For Profit” and The Kinks’ cover “Not Like Everybody Else” are top notch and should be in every Bricktop fans’ collection, whether it be on 7” or CD-single.

Death March is the 'new', crust-up d-beat formation of Skinhead Rob (Transplants, Expensive Taste) and I wasn’t too charmed when I heard these guys for the first time around the “Fuck Your Fucking War” EP. For that reason I never listened to their full-length “A Different Kind Of War” so I wasn’t too sure what to expect of their side of this EP. But in all honesty, the songs “Kelly Thomas” and Discharge’s “The Possibility OF Lifes Destruction” aren’t that bad and the band marches furiously through them. Still don’t know if I can handle a full album by these guys though.


All in all a solid EP on both ends!