Broken Heroes / The Detained - Split EP

Contra Records


With New Jersey’s Broken Heroes and Berlin’s The Detained on one slab of wax, I truly have a heavy-weight clash between the East Coast and the East of Germany in my hands! Released by Contra Records, both bands bring out the big guns with two, all new, earth-shattering tracks to pulverize anything (or anyone) in sight!


Despite a little downtime, Broken Heroes have been going at it since the early 90’s and can be considered the veterans on this EP - something you can definitely hear back on “Bottom Of The Heap” and “Take Up The Steel”! After the vinyl releases of “This Is Oi!” (originally released on CD in 2012) and “Make Oi! Great Again” (originally released on CD in 2017) in 2018, finally some new Broken Heroes and let me tell you, this powerhouse isn’t quite done yet making Oi! great again, delivering some of their best work to date! Especially the four-minute epos “Bottom Of The Heap” became an instant favorite - a killer tune indeed!


But don’t underestimate the beast of the east though! The Detained don’t have quite the mileage of the Broken Heroes just yet, but with two brutal assaults on EP and one hell of a debut LP (“The Beast”, 2018) under its belt, these Berlin savages are definitely a force to reckon with! This only gets further substantiated with the band’s contribution to this record in the form of “Constrained” and “November Days” - two hard-hitting scorchers that break down the walls between Oi! and hardcore-punk! Two fairly brilliant, hard-hitting scorchers I might add!


Along with the sick artwork and the handmade, screen printed covers, this power-split is available on black vinyl (100 copies, red cover) and orange/black splatter vinyl (200 copies, black cover) - but a must-have all the way! Killer!