Bromure – S/T LP

Une Vie Pour Rien? Vinyles / Insurgence Records / Bad Look Records


After debuting with “A La Roquette” in 2017, Bromure followed this fantastic 7” up with a split EP with the Canadians of Street Troopers – only making its fans long for more. And more is exactly what we are getting! Because – somewhat out of nowhere to me – the Parisians are about to release their debut LP for Une Vie Pour Rien? Vinyles and fuck, it’s saxy!


Sometimes it only takes one or two songs to recognize a great album and Bromure’s first full-length is definitely one of them – holy shit this is good! The French outfit, featuring familair faces of Maraboots, Lion’s Law and more, blazes with energy, passion and aggression, making it nearly impossible not to like this 12”!


Just like with Maraboots, Bromure’s sound revolves around the prominent role of saxophonist Alex, who is absolutely killing it on this LP! Squeezing superb melodies out of his sax, this lad is taking a great responsibility in the final result of each and every song, making his appearance a crucial addition and definitely not a gimmick!


From start to finish this album is pure gold. Though not to big on the ska-ish “A La Rue”, the brilliancy of every other anthem on here instantly makes me forget. “Place Du Tertre”, “Ma Lettre”, “Fragments Du Passe”, “Pour Eux”, “Serrer Les Dents”... I could name ‘em all, but my favorite is without “Dans La Vent” – what a song, m-a-s-s-i-v-e!


Filled with fire, power and passion, this is easily one of the top contenders for the yearlists of 2018. Just in time though, because Une Vie Pour Rien? Vinyles will release this bad boy on the 22nd of December! Must-have!