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Brutal Bravo – S/T EP

Contra Records / Longshot Music


More brutality from the south of Germany! Brutal Bravo from Freiburg formed early 2016 (maybe late 2015, haven’t read the book yet) and unleashed their first assault in the form of a two-track demo at the beginning of 2017. Now this demo and two additional songs, probably from the same session, have been released by Contra Records (Europe) and Longshot Music (USA) on a 7”, ready to cause havoc!


Although the four tracks on this slab of wax have been (re-)mastered for vinyl, you can definitely hear that these recordings were intended as a demo. And as if these guys didn’t sound pissed off enough already, the rawness of the production gives Brutal Bravo an even sharper edge! Rough and uncomplicated, but at the same time hard and in your face is the best way to describe the band’s self-titled debut EP that fans of bands such as The Detained (musically, but also because of the similar style of vocals), Hired Goons, Rixe and a bit of Negative Approach should take note off. Because they will definitely appreciate this EP as well.


If you are already familiar with the band’s demo, the A-side shouldn’t contain any surprises for you with “Back On Attack” and “Cut The Crap”. Aside that they sound much fuller, harder and better than on Bandcamp – thanks to the aforementioned mastering – the songs remain the same, while the flipside is brand spanking new with “Dead Locked” and “Saint George Bootboys”. Brought with fire and hate, the straightforward and aggressive sound from the Freiburg-jungs will have you stompin’ and chanting along in no-time!


Worth checking out if you like your music harsh and full of aggro, because really... who doesn’t? Brutal Bravo über alles!

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