Brutti E Ignoranti - Robe De Matti

Rebellion Records / 2 Life Sentences


Italian powerhouse Brutti E Ignoranti is back! I knew the band was recording over the summer, but I wasn’t aware at the time that the band was in the process of recording a whole full-length. Needless to say I was a bit surprised when I reeled in the band’s third album, “Robe De Matti”! Especially since the CD-version of the record is already released(!) in a cooperation between Rebellion Records and 2 Life Sentences, the debut release of the latter one.


Although I prefer vinyl, this is definitely one of the pros of a release on CD. It’s pressed in the blink of an eye and good to go weeks after the initial recording and mastering is finished. And all that is good, comes fast in my opinion and that is definitely the case with Brutti E Ignoranti’s latest work!


Together with F.A.V.L., these Milano mad men are without a doubt one of my favorite Oi! bands that emerged out of Italy in the past, five or so, years! “Robe De Matti” confirms that with more rockin’, hard hitting anthems from Italy’s underground. Providing hit after hit, “Robe De Matti” is for those who like it rough and tough, but packed with tons of melody and roaring guitar solos! But also the last two tracks, acoustic versions of “Male Alla Spine” and “Lavoro”, are excellent songs and deliver a bit of a sentimental encore to an album that is more than powerful overall!


Now my Italian ain’t what it used to be (ahum), so it’s kind of a shame there are no translations to the lyrics in the booklet, but it’s great to see a photo of local icon ‘Kabouter Buttplug’ (just ask anyone out of Rotterdam, Holland) in there! To me that is the cherry on the top of Brutti E Ignoranti’s strongest release to date!