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Bull Brigade – Il Fuoco Non Si È Spento

Demons Run Akok Entertainment


Founded in 2006 already, Turin’s own Bull Brigade are celebrating their 15th anniversary this very year! But despite going at it for one and a half decade I have to be honest here – I never heard a single release of the Italians before, let alone a full album! Sure, I saw a few of their clips on YouTube, though that never resulted into me picking up one of the band’s EP’s, splits or albums. But you got to start somewhere, right? And I don’t think I could’ve picked a better start than with the band’s upcoming album “Il Fuoco Non Si È Spento” for Demons Run Amok Entertainment!


Officially coming out on the 1st of October*, I obviously didn’t ‘pick this up’ myself, but I was sent a CD-copy in advance to do what I do now – write a little review about it. And I’m very thankful for that I must add, because “Il Fuoco Non Si È Spento” is quite brilliant from start to finish and a serious contender for full-length album of the year – at least in my book!


Blending Oi!, punk and even melodic hardcore perfectly together, Bull Brigade delivers a vibrant and fresh sound that is anthemic, catchy and extremely powerful all at once! “Il Fuoco Non Si È Spento” instantly reminded me of a band such as Crim and boasts with energy, while lyrically the album is full of passion and power as well! Sung sublimely by frontman Eugenio in his native tongue, I just can’t get enough of tracks such as “Ultima Città”, “Quaranta” (featuring Roddy Moreno), title-track “Il Fuoco Non Si È Spento”, “Partirò Per Te” and “Anche Se” - literally letting me listen to this CD for hours in a row, love it!


Besides the CD release, “Il Fuoco Non Si È Spento” obviously comes out on vinyl as well. Of course you’ll have your widely available ‘standard’ black vinyl version, but there will be colored vinyl too and those versions are regionally exclusive. Divided between Germany (Demons Run Amok), Italy (Motorcity Produzioni), Spain (El Purgatorio Producciones) and South America (Comandante Records), each region/label will have his own variation available, paving the way for worldwide domination – something Bull Brigade most definitely deserves with this superb LP!


*I wrote this review on the 29th of August, 2021

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