B'urst! - Promo Mixtape

Broke & Infamous Records


Although the brand new cassette label Broke & Infamous Records operates out of Germany, the owner of this Essen based label has its roots in Brazil. With that in mind it’s not that odd that he busts out some releases by bands from his motherland, some sick releases that is! Catalog #001 is filled by Sao Paolo based outfit B’urst!, giving us a little taste of their upcoming “Grim Machine” EP on Assurd Records!


In 2014 B’urst! already gave us an incredible demo and on their self-titled debut EP (Criminal Rights) from earlier this year, the band delivered some outstanding New York Hardcore! And B’urst! rages on, because the two new tracks on the A-side, taken from the upcoming aforementioned 7”, are absolutely mental! “Count Me Out” and “Bury The Hatchet” sound like a thunderous mix of classic NYHC bands like Breakdown, Cro Mags and Madball, b’ursting (pun intended) out a mid-80’s to early 90’s sound with a pounding production and roaring guitars! I definitely can’t wait to hear that new EP now!


On the B-side you will find two of the seven tracks that were already released earlier this year, taken of their self-titled debut 7”, “Temporary Victory” and the SFA cover “Gyroscope”. So if that record is already in your collection, the flipside of this “Promo Mixtape” won’t bring you anything new, but some exciting hardcore nonetheless! Along with the sick A-side, the great artwork, a miniature lyric sheet, the general look of the release and the fact that is hand numbered to a limited amount of just 50 copies, both B’urst! and Broke & Infamous Records show a force to be reckoned with!