Chain Rank - Up Against The Wall



More madness from Boston! This time it are the lads from Chain Rank, a band that consists of (ex-)members of other local favorites such as Green Beret, Bloody Gears, Aggression Pact and The Combat Zone, who rip it up in barely fourteen minutes with their debut ‘full-length’ “Up Against The Wall”!


I don’t know what their mothers have been feeding them back in  the day, but every hardcore band out of the state of Massachusetts sounds insane to me, at least the ones who have the ability to put out a proper release! Because where 2013’s “The Grip” demo was still released by Twerp Records, “Up Against The Wall” is self-released by the band, just like last year’s promo cassette for this LP and more recently the tour edition of the album that features the already mentioned demo (cassette only).


If you already banked the demo and / or the promo you’ll obviously recognize a song here and there, especially since the promo didn’t just feature three tracks off “Up Against The Wall” but also a nine track live-set, that gave away a good chunk of the LP’s ten track playlist. Then again, these cassettes are rarer than finding a golden Panda bear on the North Pole, so I’m good and I assume most of you are as well.


If not, just remember that tapes are fun but vinyl will always have a superior sound, so you need to grab one of these bad boys anyways! Black (700 copies) and clear (300 copies) records are up for grabs now and highly suggestable if you like that Boston rage from the likes of Prisoner Abuse and Boston Strangler. Killer!