Charles Brigade - Amici Di Nessuno

Brain Abuse


Formed in the autumn of 2014, Milan’s (Italy) Charles Brigade can still be considered a new band, but with a self-released CD (“Il Culto è Vivo”) and a handful of compilation contributions they already made some name for themselves. With that being said, I only got introduced to the brigade two days ago when the news reached me that Virginia’s Brain Abuse  released the band’s brand new cassette “Amici Di Nessuno”!


On “Amici Di Nessuno” Charles Brigade presents seven – though I am not 100% sure – new tracks, of Italian goodness! Take the “77 KK” compilation, replace the French side with an Italian side containing a similar range of bands, mix the whole record up and something like Charles Brigade would come out. Highly inspired by hardcore-punk bands such as the Adolescents, the Circle Jerks and the Italian classics like Nabat and The Stab, Charles Brigade produces a cool and unconventional mix of surfy hardcore-punk and boisterous Oi! for all you ‘moshpit kamikazes’!


After the Syndrome 81, Mind Trap and Coupe Gorge cassettes, Brain Abuse snatched yet another neat European band for their fourth release and fans of Night Birds, Traitre and such should take notice! This Is Italia, Mica Boston!!