Codi De Silenci – Crucificat

Lleida Records / Roca Sobirana Records


Last year Codi De Silenci already impressed with their excellent debut EP for Shout Proud Records. Not only was the sound on “És El Moment” great, the extremely limited single sided 12”, accompanied by a small, 3” CD, looked cool as hell as well! Now I am not sure if the labels, Lleida Records and Roca Sobirana Records, responsible for the band’s second EP, “Crucificat”, will pull off something fancy like that (probably not) as well. But you know what, it’s okay. Because the music on “Crucificat” is once again superb!


Packed with a punch and vocals like a lion’s growl, Codi De Silence delivers three more powerhouses that will knock you out of your socks! The structure of songs is well thought out, the rock-influenced guitars are simply sublime and the addition of a piano at the end of “Orgull I Lleialtat” (“Pride And Loyalty”) is not a ‘gimmick’, but really lifts the song up to the next level. Other than “Crucificat” (“Crucified”), my favorite track of this EP is probably “Ronin” though. The last, and by almost reaching the six-minute mark, longest song of this 7”, but it does not get boring for a single second due to its excellent riffs and solos. Pure class indeed!


If you are looking for a powerful, Spanish EP, than Codi De Silenci’s latest effort is definitely the 7” you are looking for! “Crucificat” is as tough as a rock, with the growling vocals, massive choruses and fantastic guitar work making them stand out from the crowd! Smashing!