Coldside – Fuck Your System

Strength Records


When I think about newer (hardcore) bands of the past decade, this Floridian pack of outcasts, thugs, outsiders and hooligans definitely wrestled themselves onto my list of favorites. Of course I am talking about Coldside, the band that combines heavyweight hardcore with the occasional Oi!-stomper and who are about to unleash their third LP already! As always on Strength Records, but you can bet your ass that these mad men are angrier than ever before with the straightforward, non-concealing album-title “Fuck Your System”!


Despite that “Fuck Your System” starts off with a quote out of Charlie Chaplin’s movie ‘The Great Dictator’, this album is anything but a joke. Quite the opposite actually. Because as soon as the quote ends, you will find yourself in a whirlwind of anger and violence with title-track “Fuck Your System”, a raging track from start to finish that instantly sets the tone for the rest of the album, that is filled with furious, fast paced back-breakers that will leave a bloody mess on the dancefloor. At least for the most part!


Because aside of the fast and the furious, Coldside wouldn’t be Coldside with some mid-tempo stompers and again the boys deliver with “Street Warriors” (featuring Greg Huff of Bishops Green and all those other great bands) and “Lions Pride”, an anthem for the local FC (or SC as they say in the USA) – Orlando City Soccer Club. Both boisterous sing-alongs that are without a doubt my favorites on “Fuck Your System”, along with “Forever” (featuring NYHC legend Roger Miret), “United States Of Regression” (featuring Skam Dust) and since you can never go wrong with a Slapshot cover, I’ll include “I’ve Had Enough” (featuring Pat Edge) to this list as well.


As you might have noticed, there are guest appearances on half of the songs on this record, making “Fuck Your System” a family affair that is a real storm of just under 28 minutes! Therefor the pressing plant was able to cut the vinyl version at 45RPM for maximum power, making me eager to blast the upcoming LP version of this banger even more!