Complaint - No Hope No Future

Self-released, distributed through Rebellion Records


After 2016’s full-length “Take A Stand” - followed by several contributions to compilation albums such as “Oi! Ain’t Dead 7” and “Tilburg Hardcore Never Dies!” - the boys from Brabant are back with a brand new EP! Titled “No Hope No Future”, this is the band’s first own release on vinyl and it’s coming in with a bang!


Just like the aforementioned album, “No Hope No Future” is self-released (though distributed through Rebellion Records) and comes in a total of 273 copies (what’s in a number?) on black vinyl. Just like the band’s sound, the artwork and lay-out is kept straight, simple and - the music at least - in your face!


Those already familiar with Complaint know what they can expect - crude, barbaric Oi! with heavy hardcore influences, something the band sure as hell delivers with the four new songs on this slab of wax! Two and a half decades ago we would have called it streetcore or Euro-core (and there’s nothing wrong with that), now it’s crude and boorish savagery from the Lowlands with “No Hope No Future”, “Born To Lose”, “1 2 3 4” and “Better Days”!


If you are looking for ballads or happy melodies you have to look further, because Complaint delivers nothing but fast, no-nonsense hard-hitters that will turn venue floors into slippery ice hockey rinks, making you leave battered, bruised and drunk when the night is over!