Complaint - Take A Stand



It has only been a year, or so, since Dutch outfit Complaint debuted with the “We’re Right, You’re Wrong” CD for Rebellion Records. But already the boys are back for another round of mayhem and disorderly conduct with their self-released, sophomore album “Take A Stand”! And guess what? They’re still right!


Compared to their previous effort, Complaint’s recipe for “Take A Stand” hasn’t really changed. With the exception of a track here and there, the lads put the pedal fully to the medal again, delivering short, angry and drunken anthems for the bald and wasted! Straight forward and no gimmicks needed, this four-piece rages through eleven tracks (including an encore) in barely seventeen minutes, mixing some more of that good old Oi! and punk music with a dose of hardcore savagery!


 Bound to get the adrenaline pumping in no-time, fast-paced sing-alongs like “Just Another Day”, “On The Frontline”, “Coming After You”, “Step Back” and title-track “Take A Stand” are a guarantee for trouble when played live! Complaint only slows down (at least a little) one single time, and that is for the excellent “One More Drink” and its encore “Encore (Une Boisson)”. Definitely my favorite of the lot and an absolute guarantee for drunken mayhem and insanity!


Solid follow-up to last year’s “We’re Right, You’re Wrong”, that comes in a nice digipack with a photo behind the cd-tray that makes me chuckle every… fuckin’… time… I take the CD out. “Take A Stand”!