Convict - S/T EP

Six Feet Under Records


At the end of last year El Monte’s (California) Convict released their self-titled demo on Fight ‘Em All Records. Now this bad boy is remastered and bound to be released as a 7” EP by Six Feet Under Records, so I reckon  that it’s about time you give these guys a listen!


Especially if you like your music raw and violent! Because despite that these five songs, that barely clock over eight minutes, have been remastered, the roughness of the demo is still there, it just sounds better! Convict’s (not to be confused with the hundred other Convict’s out there) sound is loud and in your face, mixing elements of New York Hardcore and British Oi!, without losing their Californian roots out of sight, these guys captured that typical sound alike other new breed outfits such as Concrete Elite, Hired Goons, Blunt Force and Thug Boots.


A sound that is explosive and tough, but with a raw edge that is as sharp as a razorblade is the best way to describe Cali’s Convict. If that interests you, give these guys a go!