Cornered – Failure

Blindsided Records


Woah! I didn’t realize it’s been five years already since hardcore outfit Cornered unleashed their last recordings (the “Hate Mantras” 12” and the split single with Backfire!) through the late Strength Records. So despite this being an age of pain we’re all dwelling in, time still seems to fly... But I’ve got some good news, the Dutch bulldozer from the north is back(!), dropping an all new EP this week (it’s the 27th of January when I write this) on Blindsided Records!


Entitled “Failure”, Cornered crushes any sense of positivity you might have had left after all these months – or years – with four new, hateful and grimly scorchers! Recorded during lockdown, it’s almost inevitable that both the sound and message of the Dutch is even more vile, aggressive and negative than ever before. So brace yourself, because Cornered is bitter and angry, unleashing a no holds barred, all out attack with the tracks “Burn”, “Jungle Law”, “Realm Of Misery” and “Self-Destruct”!


But on a more positive note, this also results in some of Cornered best work to date! Released on a bright, green slab of wax the anger and groove of the band’s NYHC-influenced sound bursts out of the grooves and is over before you know it! Which is unfortunate, because “Failure” is anything but a failure and definitely tastes like more!


So if you liked the band’s previous work, or if you’re up for some negative hardcore brutality, than Cornered’s latest “Failure” on Blindsided Records is a no brainer! And for those who act fast - there are still some copies with that limited pre-order sleeve (of which 50 were made) left!