Corrective Measure - Demo 2015

Broke & Infamous Records

Corrective Measure are a new crew out of Bangor, Maine that recently self-released their first ‘2015’ demo. Apparently good shit crosses the ocean fast, because only several weeks after the band’s own release a European version of this cassette already rolled out of the duplicators, thanks to Broke & Infamous Records! So it’s time to put some Nike’s on your feet, get X’d up and start to mosh to the Corrective Measure-beat!

Contrary to Corrective Measure’s own production, Broke & Infamous’ issue of “Demo 2015” contains the four songs of the original demo, plus the Agnostic Front cover “Discriminate Me”, previously only available online. But despite the additional track, due to an average playtime that is well under a minute per song, this straight edge banger is like a close-range headshot! Click, bang and over before you know it!


But if a running-time of four minutes and eleven seconds is the only disappointment I can think of considering Corrective Measure’s debut demo, than all you hardcore fans out there are set! Because this brand new outfit delivers some outstanding fast-paced rage that sounds like a swoosh between early Agnostic Front, Gorilla Biscuits and Judge, ready to tear shit up while staying gold!