Crashed Out – This Is Our Music

Common People Records


With reissues and compilations by the likes of Subculture, Ruin Bois, Dr. Martens Beat, Red Alert and more, Common People Records already produced its fair share of classic recordings re-released on vinyl. Escpecially – or mainly – between the years 2015 and 2018 the Catalonians were on a roll regarding reissues, because in 2019 and 2020 the label solely released new music. Killer new music I might add, but there’s nothing wrong with throwing in a classic into the mix every now and then – especially when they’re released by Common People Records!


Because every single reissue the label has released so far, feels, looks and sounds superb. Therefor I was thrilled by the news that the label would reissue Crashed Out’s debut album “This Is Our Music”. Not just because this mid-90’s classic would be available again for the first time since 1995, but also because it would be available on vinyl for the first time… ever! Now with the first sentence of this paragraph in mind, this was bound to be a match made in heaven and as always Common People Records does not disappoint!


Available on either black (400 copies) or crystal clear vinyl (100 copies), the artwork and layout completely upgraded to 2021, reducing the use of the original Comic Sans font to a bare minimum and giving this record the look it deserves! Other than that the music is as 90’s and as brilliant as it originally was when Hammer Records released this madness on CD! I am not even sure if it has been remastered for this vinyl release or not (I do think so – though no one is credited for it), but this record (still) sounds massive regardless of the answer and undoubtedly stood the test of time!


Therefor this vinyl issue of Crashed Out’s “This Is Our Music” is an absolute no-brainer. Not only is this the best work the old line-up produced, it’s a 90’s Oi! classic and a fairly brilliant record in general. And thanks to Common People Records it now feels, looks and sounds better than ever before! A must-have that combines eight tracks of the original CD and the two tracks of the band’s debut 45 “Memories Of Saturday” b/w “Fight Back”!