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Criminal Outfit – A Million Saturdays

Try And Stop Me Records / Longshot Music

From the backstreets of Los Angeles, CA hails Criminal Outfit – a brand new outfit with lads notoriously known for their work in bands such as Vis Vires, AggroCulture U.S., Combat Force and more! Now after a digital, three-track teaser in 2020, the gang’s back for the real deal with the release of their debut 12” “A Million Saturdays” for Try And Stop Me Records and Longshot Music – so time to give this record a go!

Released on either black or oxblood red wax, Criminal Outfit’s first release on vinyl contains a total of six scorching tracks that take you straight back to the mid-90’s! Bands like Toughskins, Fully Loaded, Fatskins or even Forced Reality (though a different era) come to mind while “A Million Saturdays” blasts out of my speakers and I love it! But despite (or maybe because of) the nostalgic sound, Criminal Outfit sounds as refreshing as ever, making you want to spin this record over and over again!

Brought with energy, a fast pace and gnarling vocals, the Californians rouse through new tracks like “Up Yours”, “Give It Up”, title-track “A Million Saturdays” and “Last Love” like there’s no tomorrow, while the re-recorded demo-tracks “Drown You Out” and the band’s anthem “Criminal Outfit” sound way better on vinyl than on Bandcamp! Love it!

And so will you if you love that classic sound of the 90’s! “This could have been on Vulture Rock Records...” keeps on repeating itself in my mind when I hear “A Million Saturdays” and although Criminal Outfit doesn’t necessarily sound like all of the Californian bands Vulture Rock released, I definitely sense the same kind of spirit and that makes this 12” one of my favorite mini-LP’s of the year so far!

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