Cruz Antigua – Legado

Amor Y Rabia Records

Now I would have sworn that Cruz Antigua was some obscure and violent, South American hardcore band by the looks of the cover drawing! Though still obscure and South American – Columbian to be more precise, these lads aren’t violent, nor do they play hardcore. Instead they label themselves as a Christian Oi! band and have been going at it for several years already!

Now personally I never heard of these guys before, so I had to dig a little to find out A.) more about them and B.) that these songs, though for the first time ever available on vinyl (thanks to Amor Y Rabia Records), were already released back in 2007(!) as a demo-CD called “Fe / Unidad & Lealtad”. Re-titled to “Legado”, a re-ordered tracklist, completely new – and might I add pretty sick – artwork and released as a 7” should do the trick to get the rest of the world familiar with these bald-headed believers from the tropics!

But whatever your belief, or lack of it, is – believe me that you want to own a copy of this release! Cruz Antigua’s sound is fierce and powerful and with “Héroes”, “Integridad”, “Levantó Mi Cabeza” and “Legado” they deliver one, hard-hitting anthem after another, instantly making you wonder why it took over 13 years to get these songs released outside of Columbia! But, better late than never, especially in this case!

So what are you still waiting for? Only 300 copies were made (all released on black vinyl) and though I don’t believe that these will sell out overnight, I highly suggest to pick this slab of wax sooner than later if you love yourself some exotic Oi!