CUERO – Black Metal Skinheads

Mendeku Diskak


Straight out of Basque country’s largest city Bilbao come the black metal skinheads of CUERO! In advance of their upcoming debut, a single-sided 12”, the band’s label Mendeku Diskak released an advance promotional cassette with three tracks off the record to give you a taste of things to come – and it tastes good!


The songs in question, “Cuero Negro”, “Black Metal Skinheads” and “El Odio”, might not exactly sound like a bastards child of The Last Resort and Blasphemy - as the title might suggest - but it’s vile, heavy and pure fire nonetheless!


This can be thanked to the raw – though crisp clear – production, the sluggish – yet thumping – tracks, the massive back-up vocals and the barbaric lead-vocals, all making me wish that debut 12” will come out sooner than later! Fans of bands such as Urban Savage, Concrete Elite and the likes should take note.


The first run of 111 (black, obviously) cassettes sold out in a heartbeat, but Mendeku Diskak did a second run of – to me unknown number – white tapes, so if you missed out on its initial release, you know what to do!