Cuir – Single Single

Thrashzone Tapes / Forty Tapes


Earlier this year Doug of Radical Failure, Sordid Ship and Coupe Gorge launched his solo-project Cuir with an excellent (and quickly sold out) demo on Thrashzone Tapes and Forty Tapes. Now, only several months after the release of the “Demo Demo Demo” tape, Cuir already comes with its second release – “Single Single”!


Once again released by Thrashzone Tapes and Forty Tapes, it is unsurprising that “Single Single” is once again released on a cassette. With the same program repeating on both sides, one man army Doug delivers three brand new, catchy scorchers in the form of “Trop Vieux Pour Mourir Jeune”, “La Flemme” and last – though certainly not least – “Trou Noir”!


All synth up again, Doug rouses through these three tracks like there is no tomorrow! “Single Single” being extremely catchy and relatively short – a single side of this cassette doesn’t last a full six minutes – you just keep on listening to this tape over and over again!


Including a small lyric sheet, this cassette is limited to 150 copies – evenly divided between both labels and a must for fans who like their punk French, catchy, full of energy and synthesized! “Demo Demo Demo”, “Single Single”... hopefully “Album” is next!