Daga – Veneno

Amor Y Rabia Records

Coming straight out of Ecuador’s capital Quito, is an all-new mob of Latin-American Oi!-punks calling themselves Daga! The band recently debuted with a four-track demo-cassette - “Veneno” - on Ecuadorian label Chivo Records and guess what? That demo is already out and about on 7” vinyl, thanks to Amor Y Rabia Records!

Now I’m not sure if I own, or have even heard, another full Ecuadorian release before, but “Veneno” is most definitely a welcoming introduction to both Daga and the band’s motherland! Opener “Sin Mirar Atrás” instantly grabs you by the throat with its Blitz-influences, those catchy guitar riffs and that melancholic sound I just can’t get enough of! Literally to be honest, because I can easily listen to a song like that ten, maybe twenty times in a row – pretty damn venomous indeed!

But just because Daga directly kicked-off with my favorite track on “Veneno”, that obviously does not mean I dislike the rest – far from it! From the fast and ferocious “No!” and “Enterrado”, to the more melodic “Sigo Aquí” - all tracks have this raucous, nostalgic feel to them, with a raw and unpolished sound that takes you straight back to the 80’s! Just imagine No Future Records en Español and you’ll get the idea!

Limited to 300 copies total – all on black vinyl, Daga’s “Veneno” EP is OUT NOW and should definitely be checked out if you like your Oi!-punk raw, obscure and straight from the equator! Bomba!