DDC - Fists Of Fury And Bloody Cuts

Rebellion Records

Although around for a few years now, DDC is still one of my ‘new’ favorite bands that is emerging out of the American Oi! and streetpunk scene. So despite that I reviewed all records that are captured on the compilation CD “Fists Of Fury And Bloody Cuts” individually, I can’t show these guys enough love and appreciation, especially since it is mutual! Therefor I decided to give this CD a review anyway, especially for the ‘bloody cuts’!

Because not everything on this CD (limited to 300, hand numbered copies) has been previously released. Yes, all tracks from the band’s debut “Fists Of Fury” (Vinyl 4 Bootboys Records), the split 7” with Antagonizers ATL (Rebel Sound Music) and the “Assault & Destroy” split 10” with Assault & Battery (Rebellion Records / American Oi! Records), but that only makes a total of 12, while the CD holds 17 tracks and perhaps more, for those with a patient mind!

The previously unreleased tracks on “Fists Of Fury And Bloody Cuts” are “Whiskey Dick”, “Drink & Destroy”, “St. Mary” (a Rancid cover) and alternative versions of “Victory” and “Hated”. Although none of these tracks ever made the final cut before they do have the ‘DDC standard’ of being extremely catchy, with ballsy melody and a ready to brawl spirit! They fit in perfectly with the rest of DDC’s superb back-catalog that doesn’t bore for a second despite the, long, running time of over 50 minutes!

If you don’t have a turntable, you missed out on the great melodic violence DDC has brought to those who have one in the past two years! Now everything is collected for those without along with some extra’s for those with! Excellent!