DDC – Unite & Conquer

Rebellion Records


It’s no secret, I am a huge Drink & Destroy Crew (DDC) fan! Ever since guitarist Wynn let me hear “Carry On” for the first time I’ve been hooked – and for good reasons! Cleverly written, powerful anthems packed with both a punch and a whole lot of melody have been the band’s trademark since day one, so needless to say I was pretty fuckin’ stoked when the news of DDC’s first full-length album hit me. Now that I’ve heard their debut album, entitled “Unite & Conquer”, I can only conclude that this ‘hit’ instantly upgraded itself to be a true knock-out – holy shit!


It’s safe (and mandatory) to say that “Unite & Conquer” is DDC’s best work to date. A cliché to say, but it’s 100% true and the album itself is anything but a cliché! Sure, the recipe of the band’s sound is still the same (never change a winning team), but when you perfect this sound, you will blast through people’s speakers like a H-bomb and that is exactly what “Unite & Conquer” does, ka-fuckin’-boom!


Executed with great perfection, this album is spot on from start to finish. But where some bands start to sound too cheesy and over-produced, DDC managed to create a wall of sound that is massive, while maintaining that raw edge both you and me like in our music. With no dull moments, everything is in place on “Unite & Conquer”, resulting into killer songs such as “Call To Arms”, “Comply Or Die”, “(We Are) United”, “Spirit Of ‘76”, “Revolution”, the Razorblade cover-medley of “Days Of Glory” and “Warriors” and the superb “We The People”, featuring friend and Casket Creatures front man Ryan Cadaver. All songs have that clever, aforementioned, song structure and due to the heavy drums, fantastic guitar parts and the thunderous sing-alongs, “Unite & Conquer” is indeed the powerhouse I expected it to be – superb!


Sure, DDC already have a handful of releases under their belt, but “Unite & Conquer” surpasses every one of them. The result is a full-length debut that is an absolute hammer and should be a no-brainer for fans of DDC’s previous work, or other ‘newish’ bands like Legion 76, Antagonizers ATL and The Hardknocks.