Dead Hero - Seguimos En Pie

Discos MMM (cassette) / Aggrobeat (7”)


After I heard their phenomenal split 12” with SECTA (currently record of the month on this website, not that that says much…), female fronted Colombian Oi! / punk outfit Dead Hero quickly became one of favorite new bands out there! Prior to this split album the band also released the “Seguimos En Pie” cassette, that you could consider a demo, on Discos MMM. Now usually I don’t like to do a review of something older than the most recent release, but for Dead Hero I’ll gladly make an exception and for several reasons…


The first reason is that the “Seguimos En Pie” cassette was only released several weeks before the split 12”, so it’s not that old..., the second reason is Dutch label Aggrobeat announced (and if they haven’t yet, they have now) that they will be doing a 7” version of the release and the last, but certainly not least reason, is that these five tracks are simply just too good to ignore if you like top of the crop female fronted Oi! and punk music!


Despite that there were just several weeks between both releases, the five songs on “Seguimos En Pie” do have a slightly different feel compared to the recordings on the split 12”. Where the songs on the split had a strong Blitz / Criminal Damage vibe, “Seguimos En Pie” sounds a bit rawer and displays strong resemblances with early Klasse Kriminale and Nabat. Straight forward, a little bit rawer, but still providing you and me with stunning melodies and Paula’s tough, but feminine vocals, they are truly killing it at the moment and I personally can’t wait to get this release on a slab of wax!


And neither should you, because in my book this is one of the up –and coming Oi! bands of 2015 that you don’t want to miss out on! Superb!