Dead Low – Listen Up!

Audio Epidemic Records

Straight out of Cape Cod, Massachusetts comes Dead Low, an all-new – all-American powerhouse featuring members of Revilers, Fast Times and Led To The Grave! Now not too long ago the band debuted with a four-track EP on the recently established label Audio Epidemic Records, so time to finally throw this slab of wax on the turntable and check these guys out!

With influences ranging from Oi! to metal, Dead Low delivers some good old, rock ‘n’ roll infused streetrock on their debut 7” “Listen Up!”! Cranking out a mix of fast-paced brawlers and mid-tempo bruisers, it’s actually the latter that has the overhand on this EP. Only title-track “Listen Up!” is a relatively short, fast-paced scorcher, but it will undoubtedly be the reason for a fight or two breaking out at a live show – whenever those are allowed again...

Yet it are the remaining three tracks – “Spinning Wheels”, “Battle Cries” and “Bloodlines” – that are my favorites. Especially the latter two, which both happen to be on the B-side of this EP, tear it up from front to back and are served like I how my streetrock ‘n’ roll best – mean, tough and some rip-roaring guitars to top it all off! Love it!

Available on either black (200 copies) or limited oxblood vinyl (100) copies, the 7” comes in a fold-out sleeve that features artwork by Andy Fletcher – which is always a good thing. So support new bands, support new labels and check both Dead Low and Audio Epidemic Records out!