Dealer’s Choice – Tonight

Laketown Records


Ready for some concrete streetpunk? Well, you better be! Because only a year after their debut EP “War In My Head”, the Austrians of Dealer’s Choice are back with another record! Going all out this time around, the band recently released their first full-length – “Tonight” – on Laketown Records, featuring ten all new tracks for the drinking class!


If you own, or at least heard, the aforementioned EP, you already know that these guys pack their heavily Oi! influenced punk with a punch. Apparently this wasn’t enough though, because on “Tonight” they serve out one knock-out after another! The hard-hitting, fast paced sound in combination with the barbaric growling of vocalist/guitarist Moritz comes in like a wrecking ball, leaving nothing but rubble and destruction behind!


Though these punks come from Austria, eight out of the ten songs are in English. Now if you thought the remaining two are in German – guess again! Because with “La Mattina” and “Merde” the boys from Vienna also deliver two songs in Italian. Interesting, but above all two killer tunes - just like the rest really! Because despite the detection of a little accent on the English pronunciation, the band cranks out boisterous anthem after anthem with songs like “Forever”, “Tonight”, “New World”, “Memories Of Hate” and “Prison” that will have you singing along in no time, guaranteed!


Interested? Then Laketown Records can provide you with two versions, the combination of black vinyl housed in a black sleeve/white screenprint (110 copies) or clear red vinyl housed in a white sleeve/red screenprint (155 copies), so take your pick – especially if you are into bands like Riot Company, Bonecrusher and Razorblade!