Degeneration - Fever Pitch

Contra Records


Despite that Degeneration has been around for over two decades already, formed in 1994 to be more precise, it was last year’s full-length “Standing Tall” that got me listening to this long standing Minnesota Oi! outfit. Now, after a hefty delay of several months (probably caused by the aftershock of Record Store Day), their latest output, the “Fever Pitch” EP, finally rolled off the presses for Contra Records!


The “Fever Pitch” EP contains four brand new singalongs by this crude and rowdy bunch from Minneapolis. The unpolished, 80’s-Britania influenced (just take a look at the cover artwork) sound is raw and contains some hick-ups, like when the drums roll in at the beginning of opening track “Fever Pitch”. This gives me the feeling that the whole EP was recorded and mixed in a single go, providing a natural, but from time to time a demo-ish, feel to the record.


Dosed with the right amount of anger this leads to interesting songs, next to the title-track, such as “Guilty”, “Jay Mac” and “On The Internet” that are definitely the band’s best work to date. Though, if you like your Oi! music a bit tighter and with a fuller wall of sound, this record probably isn’t your cup of tea.