Digital Octopus - S/T 12" Maxi-EP



Dancing shoes? Check! Party hat? Check! Getting comfortable with the idea of complete strangers holding my shoulders during the polonaise? Check! You see where I am going with this review? Of course you do, because you already saw it is about French visionary, synthesizer mastermind and ‘that guy’ turning Oi! and punk hits into Saturday night fever Maxime Smadja, better known as Digital Octopus!


Providing the occasional hit on a compilation (his version of Bloodkrow Butcher’s “Anti War” on the “Cream Of The Crop” compilation tape is fan-fuckin’-tastic!), working the B-side for Thrashington D.C.’s “The Smadja” EP and your favorite Italo-Disco scorchers on YouTube (but don’t worry, it’s our little secret), Maxime, also known for his work with other French bands such as Youth Avoiders, Skategang and more recently Rixe, already gained a decent amount of fame, or infame as you like, with his remixes. But now ladies and gentlemen, it’s finally time for Digital Octopus’ first 12” maxi-EP!


Self-released just in time for London’s Static Shock Weekend, Digital Octopus’ first 12” unfortunately doesn’t contain any new mixes, but online favorites you already heard a dozen times before in the form of “I Don’t Like You” (Skrewdriver), “Voice Of A Generation” (Blitz), “Can’t Tell No One” (Negative Approach) and “What You Want” (Sheer Mag) with the only exception that this is an actual vinyl release and that the four songs sound about ten times better than on YouTube!


I don’t think I have to explain the brilliancy, or blasphemy if you take life too serious, of this record, just that you have to pick it up somewhere online if you get the chance! Can be a little tough with only 164 individually hand stamped copies floating around, but it’s definitely worth it! 100% fun, 100% party guaranteed!